Here you’ll find resources for healthcare professionals, including presentations, information on the practicalities of prescribing Mepact, FAQs and essential background reading:

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Efficacy and safety

An overview of how Mepact has been shown to improve patients’ chance of a future, when used in combination with chemotherapy.

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How to use Mepact

A practical guide to administering Mepact, including information on dosing, scheduling, preparation and the incidence and management of AEs.

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Mechanism of action

A quick pictorial guide to how Mepact targets micro-metastases, the primary cause of death in osteosarcoma.

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Patient support

A resource for healthcare professionals to help them answer tough questions from young patients about their osteosarcoma and treatment with Mepact.

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Key paper summary:

Winstone et al., 2015

This study analysed several data sets, and can be used to demonstrate that despite its ultra-rare status, osteosarcoma is one of the better researched orphan diseases.

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Slide deck

Mepact: fulfilling an unmet need in osteosarcoma

A comprehensive slide deck with a wealth of background information on the prevalence and pathology of osteosarcoma, and how Mepact has made an impact on survival rates after years of minimal improvement.

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The development of Mepact

Resources coming soon.

A series of videos featuring Professor Eugenie Kleinerman of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, talking through the preclinical and Phase I to III studies on the path to Mepact approval.


Mepact: your questions answered

Resources coming soon.

Professor Paul Meyers is Vice Chair of Paediatrics at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. In this series of videos, Professor Meyers talks through the details of the Mepact Phase III studies, its toxicity profile, and the clinical implications of its use.

Net lectures:

From clinical evidence to clinical experience

Two leading physicians offer their insights and experience of using Mepact in a clinical setting in Leeds, UK, and Seville, Spain. Originally presented at a satellite symposium of EMSOS in 2012, these lectures provide advice on scheduling and administering Mepact, as well as the identification and management of possible side effects.

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